Pink lady

Yes, I’m a pink lady.

Mmmhhhh, not really a lady for truth, but I love this color… 🙂


Bloody mountains

​This morning while I was smoking a cigarette and looked around me, I saw this: Bloody mountains.

Only a few minutes, then everything is back to normal.

Everything except the wonderful unease remained in my heart.

(Huawei P8 – A better camera – Snapseed)

About this blog

This is my first experience with a blog, I will try to write in English but I will make a lot of mistakes.

My name is Roberta and I just want to share my pics with someone likes it.

Information about pics, and photo editors used on my “Information Page”.

I will try to write all information about the pics and the editors used, in every post.

I hope you Enjoy.

Kisses, Rabza.